Window Latches

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This section features a wide range of window, windscreen and side-window latches for cabs on tractors, earth-moving equipment, forklifts, cranes and special vehicles.


Types of latches featured in the METALPLAST SOPRANA catalogue:


  • Double control window opening and closing handle for cab windscreens on tractors, forklifts, etc
  • Plastic windscreen and side-window closure handles for universal cabs, complete with seals, screws and studs
  • Universal windscreen and side-window closure handle with central grip
  • Two-position windscreen and rear window handle closure, complete with striker
  • Windscreen and side-window snap closure handle with and without emergency release
  • Strikers for window latches/openings


All the side-window and windscreen opening/closure handles for tractor cabs, earthmoving machinery and general purposes, are are made by us; METALPLAST SOPRANA can supply various types customised according to needs.


View the catalogue below to see the full range available.

Download window latch catalogue

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