Locks And Bolts For Bonnets

Types of locks in the Metalplast Soprana catalogue

locks and bolts

This section features a wide range of locks for bonnets and bolt locks for tractor cabs, earth-moving equipment, special vehicles, forklifts and cranes, in both plastic and steel.


Types of locks and bolts:


  • Painted galvanised steel compression closure for bonnets and boots with key
  • locking button lock with key for engine bonnets on agricultural machinery, tractors and special vehicles
  • Galvanised or painted steel plate locking lock for boots and doors with key
  • Button door closure with Merit key
  • Galvanised steel locking door lock with lever
  • Galvanised steel plate engine bonnet lock with hexagonal key opening, compliant with safety standards
  • Painted zamak push button door and bonnet lock
  • Abarth-type rubber door lock
  • Rapid elastic rubber lock for tractor cab windows and doors
  • Steel and plastic rapid lever lock for doors and drawers
  • Galvanised steel adjustable lever lock for bonnets and doors, with 30 mm travel adjustment.
  • Galvanised steel bolt lock for doors, windows and general uses
  • Galvanised steel shutter lach for general purpose
  • Plastic and steel bolt lock with position stop
  • Galvanised steel ajustable bolt lock with knob
  • Plastic bolt strikers


All locks and bolts for bonnets, windows, doors and general use are made by METALPLAST - SOPRANA. View the catalogue below to see the full range available.

Catalog Latches & Bolts

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