This section features door latches for tractor cabs, for earthmoving machinery, latches for special vehicles, latches for tractor boots and latches for tractor bonnet latches.


Types of latches featured in the METALPLAST SOPRANA catalogue:


  • Galvanised steel plate door latch for tractor cabs
  • Door latch with steel cable attachment
  • Steel plate latch for sliding doors
  • latch for bonnes on tractors and earthmoving machinery
  • New Holland tractor latch
  • Galvanised steel plate opening lever latch
  • Door latch with plastic cover for tractor cabs
  • Painted steel plate latches for thelenders
  • latch with remote control device
  • latch for tractor cab closure kit
  • Bar latch for tractor cab
  • Universal latch with key and opening handle
  • Universal door closure latch


All the door latches for tractor cabs and earth-moving equipment are manufactured by us.

METALPLAST SOPRANA can supply customised latches for various needs, based on customers' requirements.


Consult the catalogue below to see the full range of latches available.

Scarica Il catalogo dedicato alle serrature

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