Tractor Cab Components

Metalplast-Soprana has been manufacturing components for the industrial and commercial vehicles sector, particularly tractor cabin and digging machine components since 1964.

The company manufactures standardhandles, locks andlatches.

Our customers are therefore not private ones but workshops and spare parts centres who need these components at competitive prices and with on-time deliveries, with numbers exceeding the single item. We can also customise smaller quantities for various applications.

Metalplast-Soprana's experience, professionalism, expertise and skill of meeting with client needs has been setting the standard for this particular sector.

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Tractor Cabin Components' Catalogue

Everything for tractor cabins

Scarica il Catalogo Italiano (PDF, 6.2 MB)

Download the English Catalogue (PDF, 6.0 MB)



The tractor catalogue is divided into the following sections:


  1. handles
  2. locks
  3. strikers for locks
  4. hinges
  5. closures and latches
  6. window closures
  7. miscellaneous components


All the items in the catalogue are manufactured by Metalplast-Soprana.

For more information, please use the contact us section of the website. .


Quality and Guarantees

Our company has obtained ISO 9001 certification for the

design and construction of handles and latches for the automotive 

sector, mould making, assembly and testing.

Metalplast Soprana reserves the right to make changes and/or improvements to

its products.

WARRANTY: METALPLAST SOPRANA S.r.l. guarantees for a period of one year that the product sold is free from any faults or manufacturing defects that may make it unsuitable for its intended use; the buyer's rights lapse in respect of the relative guarantee should the seller not be notified of said defects within eight days of their discovery.

No warranty is applicable or recognised if it is found that the goods have been modified or tampered with, or used improperly by the

buyer in respect of their intended use. The warranty does not extend to alleged further damage to people or things, such as

for example, the labour costs to disassemble and reassemble, the costs to purchase complementary material or

whatever else.

If the warranty is implemented, METALPLAST SOPRANA Ltd. may, at its sole discretion,

provide for the replacement or free repair of the goods or refund the price charged

for their purchase.

This is without prejudice, nevertheless, to the conditions stipulated under articles 1490-1497 of the Italian Civil Code.

PAYMENTS: the terms of payment should always be agreed upon between METALPLAST SOPRANA and the buyer on acceptance of each individual order.

Payment should always be made in the manner and within the time agreed and indicated by METALPLAST SOPRANA on the invoice.

DISPUTES: The Court of Turin (Italy) shall have jurisdiction in the case of all disputes.


This section features the latest updates in the current catalogue for tractor cabs and your outfitting needs.

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